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Accommodation in Ireland

Hello Irlanda offers a range of accommodation options in partnership with its schools. Choose to stay in an Irish home or with other students in a residence managed by your chosen school. Or stay at a hotel or hostel recommended by Hello Irlanda and its partner schools. Students are free to organise their own accommodation.


All of Hello Irlanda’s partner schools provide the option to stay with a friendly and welcoming host family. The homes are carefully selected and visited regularly by each school’s dedicated accommodation staff. The homestay option provides an ideal opportunity to practise your English with native speakers while having an authentic cultural experience.

Homestay accommodation is generally provided on a half-board basis (breakfast & dinner) with full-board (all meals) provided at the weekends. Students fill out a questionnaire prior to being assigned a host to ensure that the accommodation and host are best suited to their needs.

Homestays are generally located in city suburbs. The exact distance and travel time to and from the school is dependent on the city and individual school. In Dublin the travel time can be between 30-60 minutes whereas in Cork and Galway the travel time is normally a lot less.

Wherever possible, students of the same language background are not assigned to the same home. This encourages the students to speak English at all times.


For students who do not wish to stay with a host family and are looking for more independence, most of our partner schools provide other varieties of accommodation including residential, shared and private apartments or houses. These are generally self-catering and many include en-suite or private bathroom options.

Most residences are located within the city and therefore involve shorter commute times to and from each school. A number of our partner schools also avail of the accommodation facilities of local universities and colleges during the summer months.