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With Hello Irlanda you’re sure to find the English course that you’re looking for. We cover a wide range of levels and specialties that will satisfy all of your needs. We also have many years of experience in the language education industry and can help you decide which is the right course for you!


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Standard General English

A Standard General English course is the most popular choice for students wishing to learn English in Ireland. This type of course, which usually comprises 15-20 hours of group tuition per week, focuses on the four main skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). Standard General English courses cater for all levels, from beginner / elementary to advanced. They are perfect for students looking to improve their practical English skills for work or travel.

Intensive General English

An Intensive General English course is similar to the Standard General English course but includes a greater number of hours of tuition per week. The intensive course may include additional elements or focus on a specific area of ​​the language. The increased number of hours ensures a steeper learning curve for the student.

Combination Course

An English Combination course integrates the morning Standard English group course with one-to-one English lessons in the afternoon. It allows the student to interact and practise communication with other students in group lessons while also focusing on their own specific needs and requirements in private lessons. The student therefore benefits from the advantages of both course types.


A One-to-One course provides individual attention with just one teacher and one student. Lessons can cover General English and focus on areas such as pronunciation or speaking. They can also deal with specific work-related topics. One-to-One courses are ideal if you want to develop your skills in a short amount of time. Students normally undertake a needs analysis prior to starting the course so that lessons are designed specifically for their individual requirements.

The following partner schools provide General English Courses:

Business and Executive English Courses

Business English courses are ideal for business people and executives who wish to focus on improving their English skills for use in a work-related environment. The courses address typical workplace situations (negotiations, meetings, conference calls, presentations, phone calls, report writing etc). Courses can be either group based or one-to-one or both. Most business English courses require a minimum English level of Intermediate. Business English courses can often be taken in combination with a Standard General English course. Our partner schools provide courses on specific areas of business English that include communication, customer service, marketing, advertising and sales.

The following partner schools provide Business and Executive English Courses:

Exam Preparation Courses

Exam preparation courses are specifically designed to prepare students to successfully take internationally recognized English exams. Exams may be required for work or study, or to provide the student with an assessment of their current level. Courses focus on exam techniques and tips and are taught by experienced exam course tutors. Our partner schools provide preparation courses for international examinations including IELTS, FCE / CAE / CPE, TOEIC, BULATS, TOLES and TOEFL.

The following partner schools provide Exam Preparation Courses:

Work & Study Programmes

The Work & Study programme is designed for Non-EU students who want to live, study and work in Ireland for an extended period of time. By choosing this programme you can get a Work & Study Visa that enables you to stay in Ireland for a period of 8 months (and maximum of two years as visa can be renewed twice). It is an excellent option if you wish to experience Irish life, vastly improve your level of English and work part-time to support your stay.


The Work & Study programme for Non-EU students is a 25 week tuition course within an 8 month study period. The programme may consist of 15 or more hours of tuition per week. In order to qualify you must be from a Non-EU country and be over 18 years of age. At the end of the 25 week course students are required to take an internationally recognized exam such as IELTS or Cambridge FCE or CAE.

Students on Work & Study programmes can work 20 hours per week during the course and 40 hours per week during restricted holiday periods.

The following partner schools provide Work & Study Programmes:

Group Programmes

Our partner schools provide tailor-made English language programmes that are developed in close consultation with group leaders and are designed to meet the group’s specific requirements. Groups from schools, companies and universities are welcomed throughout the year and all ages and levels are catered for. Classes may be closed so that all members of the group are taught together, or mixed so that members gain a more international experience. 


Group programmes normally consist of 15 to 20 hours English language tuition in the morning with integrated social, cultural or academic activities in the afternoon. Programmes may also include evening activities and weekend excursions. Free host family accommodation is provided to group leaders for groups over a certain size. Group packages generally include the language course, accommodation,

The following partner schools provide Group Programmes

Junior Programmes

Junior programmes are generally aimed at 14 – 17 year olds and offer a combination of high quality language courses mixed with sporting, social and cultural activities. All programmes are carefully supervised by specially trained staff and course duration is usually from two to four weeks. Hello Irlanda’s partner schools are located in three distinct regions of Ireland which offer a wide variety of activities and cultural experiences.

Summer Programmes

Many of our partner schools run Junior Summer programmes during the Irish summer months (July and August). Students can stay with carefully selected host families or at on-campus accommodation supervised by the school.

All Year Round Programmes

All Year Round programmes cater for groups outside of the Irish summer months (September to June). Programmes are designed according to the specific requirements of the group, for example special interest programmes that combine English classes with rugby, acting or golf.

Junior programmes are all-inclusive. They provide full-board accommodation, 15 or 20 hours tuition per week, afternoon & evening activities, excursions to spectacular landscapes and airport transfers. Free accommodation is provided to group leaders for groups over a certain size.

The following partner schools provide Junior Programmes