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ISI is an award winning school that is located in the heart of Dublin city centre. Founded in 2001 and located in a beautifully modernised 18th Century stone building, the school has a unique and friendly atmosphere. Teachers and staff are young and enthusiastic and the building provides a bright, colourful and inspirational space for your studies.

ISI offers you a complete experience, combining the best academic qualifications with an exciting social calendar, beautiful facilities, excellent accommodation options and a caring support network in the centre of Dublin. At ISI you can be confident you are studying at one of the best English language schools in Ireland.


ISI is located in the heart of Dublin City Centre.


Students at ISI are treated to top-of-the-range facilities including:

  • bright and spacious classrooms
  • self-access library (books + DVDs)
  • e-library (for business courses)
  • interactive whiteboards on each floor
  • modern multi-media computer suite with free Internet access and web cameras
  • free WiFi throughout the building
  • student café with hot drinks and snacks
  • free clubs including drama, music, movies, Irish culture and video production


  • ACELS (Irish Department of Education)
  • MEI (Marketing English in Ireland)
  • Approved preparatory centre for the Cambridge examinations suite, the Trinity ISE suite and TIE (Test of Interactive English)
  • ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations)
  • Voted ‘Star English Language School Europe 2014′ at the STM Star Awards in London.


Standard General English 15/30hs

Lessons: 15/30 x 60 mins / week
Levels: Elementary – Advanced
Max students: 15 (average 10)
Age: 16+
Timetable: Morning: 9:00 – 12.15, Mon – Fri
Afternoon: 13.30 – 16.40, Mon – Fri
(30 hours = Morning + Afternoon timetable)

The 15-hour per week course provides you with a solid foundation in grammar and the main linguistic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The method used is task-based, which means that by the end of each level you are expected to be able to complete a certain amount of tasks through English.

Students who choose the 30 hour course take the 15-hour morning component and the 15-hour afternoon component, which are essentially two different, unconnected classes.

General English 20/25hs

Lessons: 20/25 x 60 mins / hours week
Levels: Elementary – Advanced
Max students: 15 (average 10)
Age: 16+
Timetable: 9:00 – 12.15, Mon – Fri
PLUS 8.00 – 9.00 AND/OR 12.25 – 13.25 Mon – Fri

The 20 and 25 hour programmes follow the same structure as described under General English 15, but there are 5 or 10 electives. In this way, the course offers superior fluency practice and specialisation in a topic.

Electives include:

  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar in context
  • Reading and Listening
  • Conversation Skills
  • Advanced writing skills

Intensive Examination FCE or CAE

The best way to prepare for an examination is to take a dedicated 9 – 13 week course. The dates of these programmes are fixed and lead up to the Cambridge exam dates.

Lessons: 20 x 60 mins / week
Levels: FCE – Upper-Intermediate / CAE – Advanced
Max students: 15 (average 10)
Age: 16+
Timetable: 9.00 – 13.25, Mon – Fri
Duration: 9 – 13 weeks

Contact Hello Irlanda for exam dates and fees.

General English with Business 20

The Business English 20 hour programme follows the same structure as described under General English 15 but includes 5 extra classes in Business English. The Business Writing Skills component prepares students for all written communication that may arise in a professional context while the Interpersonal and Communication Skills component prepares students for verbal interactions.

Lessons: 20 x 60 mins / week
Levels: Intermediate – Advanced (mixed class)
Max students: 15 (average 10)
Age: 16+
Timetable: 9:00 – 12.15, Mon – Fri PLUS 8.00 – 9.00 OR 12.25 – 13.25 Mon – Fri

Contact Hello Irlanda for more information.

Winter School Groups

ISI welcomes school groups from all over the world on 1 – 2 week packages from September to June each year. Along with excellent tuition and exciting activities, they offer a choice of accommodation, including host family, deluxe hostel or 3-star hotels.

Junior Summer Camp

The ISI English in Action summer camp is a fun and exciting way for teenagers to learn English. Located in the prestigious Belvedere College high school campus in the city centre, just five minutes from O’Connell Street, the programme includes 15 hours tuition per week and over 30 hours of stimulating sporting, social and cultural activities.

Contact Hello Irlanda for more information.

ISI Gallery

ISI Accommodation


The majority of ISI’s students stay with host families located in the city suburbs. Host families are located between 30 and 45 minutes commute by bus or train from the city centre. All of the school’s host families have been inspected by a member of staff.

Student Residence

ISI’s residence offers self-catering apartments all year round, mostly located 5–10 minutes’ walk from the school. The apartments are let on a sharing basis with other international students and offer you an independent living experience in the city centre.


ISI works with Generator Hostels, located about 10 minutes’ walk from the school. The hostel offers very high-quality dormitory accommodation, in 6 to 12 bed dorms. Some dorms are en-suite, some are not. The dorms are mixed gender and for adult students (18 plus) only.

ISI Social

Social Programme

ISI provides a range of activities and events organised to help you get the best out of your experience. The social aspect of ISI is an important part of your time with the school; a time to learn, meet new people and live within a unique community and environment. The weekly ISI Social Programme includes at least one activity each day.

Social activities include:

  • Drama Club
  • TV Club
  • Afternoon Excursions
  • Music Club
  • Sports
  • Pub Evenings (adults only)
  • Irish Cultural Nights
  • Saturday Excursions

ISI Prices

Hello Irlanda Pricing Policy

Our prices are as varied as the range of options that we offer. The overall cost will depend on the school, course, duration of study and accommodation selected by you. You pay no extra cost for our service and we guarantee that our prices are the same as or less than the prices advertised by the individual schools.

Whether there is a specific course that you are interested in or if you would like to find out more about your options contact us now to receive further information on Hello Irlanda prices and promotions!