Gabriel German (Montevideo, Uruguay)

One year ago the idea of travelling to Ireland began to form in my head. I spent a while organising everything related to the trip…and then Keith appeared with Hello Irlanda.
In general I have always been inclined to mistrust agents. I always had the impression that they were people that were out to take advantage of clueless travellers. But Keith passed all the tests. Bit by bit he earned my trust and today I don’t have the words to thank him. He was always there with a positive attitude, available to clear up any of my doubts (of which there were many), talk to me by Skype, provide me with guidance on everything related to the trip and to living in his beautiful country. He was there to encourage me forward when everything seemed to be getting complicated, he was always there to find me a solution. Even now that I’m in Dublin, he’s still there as always: helping me with his positive outlook and making sure that everything works out for me well.
You rock Keith!! A great person with a big heart. As soon as I can I’ll put up a monument in your honour somewhere in Dublin hahaha.
I wish you the best of success with Hello Irlanda!!!!